MG and Nightshade Foods

So sometimes you hear about food that can trigger reactions that cause your MG to be worse or better and I have noticed that this can be true. Especially when you are at your weakest time or when you are trying to get stable with your MG. Having MG you will notice that the normal things like eating are not always as enjoyable because your chewing muscles fatigued way sooner than they use too. There is a good and bad to this. It definitely helps  with weight control, LOL. The down side is that when something is especially chewy you will eat less and then you will also be more at risk for choking while swallowing.

Moreover, there are foods that can cause more inflammatory processes within the body and cause you to feel more bloated swollen and even cause other horrible affects for us wiht this semi autoimmune disorder. By staying away from or reducing the amount of nightshade foods I eat this has desperately helped me despite how much I LOVE POTATOES and all things associated with potatoes. I’m like the Bubba Gump of potatoes (the guy from Forrest Gump who loved shrimp and could eat them/ cook them in every way). I almost cried when I stumbled across nightshade foods from my brother (the connection) and the doctor confirmed it. I wanted to slap him because he stole my joy, LOL.

This list of nightshade foods are:

  • Tomatoes.
  • Eggplant.
  • Potatoes (not sweet potatoes)
  • Goji Berries.
  • Tobacco.
  • Peppers (bell peppers, chili peppers, paprika, tamales, tomatillos, pimentos, cayenne, etc)

The ones that affect me most are tomatoes and spicy peppers. I begin to slur almost immediately after eating these. Sometimes I cheat and have them just before my plasmapharesis so they are plexed out of my system and I can still enjoy them, but is it really worth it, probably not, LOL. I just want to feel normal sometimes and remember what spaghetti, bbq sauce, and so many other things are like. Believe me tomatoes are in a ton of things. Try going to a restaurant and ordering things without it and realizing how often things are made with it.

The plus side is that I also had less inflammation, less need for treatment or medicinal adjustment, fewer flare ups of double vision or heartburn, and embarrassing slurred speech moments. It was hard at first but it really did help. I learned how to make new recipes without these things and get really creative. I pretend I’m allergic so others get it in their head I’m not allowed to have it. The only thing I still miss after a year of no nightshade is the POTATOES!!! I have actually shed tears over them, LOL. I have had 1 french fry every month for the last 3 months to say I did it lately because I wanted it, lol. 1 of those 3 months was not worth it. But other than that It was SOOOOOO GOOD! I owned the slurring from over working my tongue and the super salt and thickness it took to choke it down. I don’t mean a box of fries I mean one single fry, LMBO. It was funny and my husband seriously laughed at me and my *fatkid dance and Augustus Gloop savoring* of the moment.

We eat pretty healthy anyway but now our food just got that much healthier this last year and have forced us to cook more often! It gives us more opportunities to cook together!

Bon A Petite




  1. shinepositivepower · August 29, 2015

    Like this! You still see fun out of trying times. Glad you have your husband to support you. It pays to have a husband when we are going through this LOL 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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