Beliefs–Finding some higher POWER no matter what you decide that is


So some people are born with chronic disorders and some people get them later in life. Some people have a strong faith before getting them and some people have to find something to hold on to to get them through it. Some people get lost and never find their way and fall prey to hermit lifestyles, depression, and even suicide. However, on their journey there are a multitude of other disorders and issues that people find in between. It’s not to say that people cannot still have them even if they have a wonderful higher power that they believe in, but they are usually able to feel like they have a better control/ handle on them. Having Myasthenia Gravis is a chronic disorder for which currently there is no cure. However, I luckily was in a good place spiritually before getting this news and continue to have a strong support system and find more ways to gain this support and vent since my diagnosis through blogging and online support groups. However, had this been 3-5 years before this I would have been in serious trouble.

Many times in my life I struggled with KNOWING I was Christian and believing in God and being too logical to understand how these things could be when I was depressed and was ‘failing’ in life. When things went bad I did not know what to do and felt that was the only time to turn my faith. LET ME STOP YOU HERE! I will not begin to bore you here and say I am a overly religious person who goes to church every week and reads the Bible faithfully and prays all day everyday. Because I do NOT. I am spiritual. I believe in God but I also believe that people need to believe in whatever makes them happy. They do not have to believe in my God; however, if you see that my life is going well and I’m happy and you want to try what I do, you are welcome to try what I do. I believe that you should do what makes you happy within reason and believe in what gives you the power to overcome your trials, believe in you first…but if that is not enough, believe in your children/ family, or your God(s). I thank my God for everything that he does for me especially the small things. I have learned to enjoy those the most because when I am sick, they are the things that I took for granted and appreciate the most when they are gone.

I assure you if you can find grace, happiness, and peace now in small things, when the big things start to happen you will be ale to handle them a bit better than you ever expected! I won’t promise you will not be stressed or that you will not cry, but you will find strength that you did not realize that you possessed before. Then you can save that feeling and memory and know that you got through that once and next time you can do that or a similar experience again if you need to.


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