SMILE: Your Silver Lining

There are many days that I feel worn down and the only thing I want to do is sleep or hide. But I will say that smiling and pretending to be normal gets me through the day. Though some people may say this is called being fake I disagree because at the end of the day I feel better because I have made it through the day, it generally was a good day, and that smile comforted others in some way.

My philosophy is that you should not look like what you have been through. That is the life of a MGer. We basically look normal and for a person on the outside looking in, we look as if we have no disorder at all, unless we go around depressed, complaining, or acknowledging the physical scars we may have incurred from any surgeries we may have had. I encourage and challenge you to keep the mindset of smiling no matter what. I do it in when I am in the hospital, at home, and work and it is amazing the positive looks and comments I get. I do not do it for that reason, it is something I have always done but when I was at my lowest point in life I had to relearn it some years back.

If you are new to this method start by trying to find the positive in every situation…I know that sounds CRAZY and hard to do. In everything bad that happens or that really bothers you or gets you down find the positive. If you do not get that job, think that there must be a better one coming that better fits your needs (though at that time it may not seem like it). Sometimes this may not be possible at that time because we are human and we are emotional. But when we calm down we realize that positive things did happen we we just do not say anything and think on it. Many times I just say nothing and realize that things come together at some point. It may not always be immediate but they do come together. I didn’t get that job, but then I hear the company was in the news for something horrible, or I was late to work and there was a car accident right where I was supposed to be had I been on time, or I was sick for a week and used my vacation in the hospital but at least I had it to use and my boss is understanding and flexible.

Sometimes my smile comes from thinking of what I have left to look forward to, my family, husband, the future, my vacations, my games, my reading, my blogging, life, and so on. I Thank God for all of that. That makes me smile often too.

SO smile life is not that bad when you can still smile! You can inspire others and comfort many more!

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