Prednisone and the Side Effects- Moon Face


SO have you guys heard of weight gained in just your face? HA well it sort can happen. I am a very healthy person despite my chronic illness and have managed to maintain and even lose weight while on the dreaded PREDNISONE. But there is an effect they call the Moon Face that happens to the face while on it. I call it the marsh mellow effect, lol. It’s where you face actually begins to round out and gets a bit chubby due to fat redistribution. I hate it because before my illness began as I was losing weight I was starting to show my weight loss in my face and it felt fantastic.

Now when people see me, as most people do they look at my face and think I have gained weight instead of looking at my body where it was obvious that I lost 20-30lbs. People were actually BOLD enough to ask if I gained weight because they were too blinded by the facial appearance of weight gain that they could not see the success elsewhere which nearly killed my motivation.

I nearly lost it and sank into a depression. I have to assume it is in our nature to look at the face first and make our assumptions there first without looking elsewhere or to feel in discord when we see weight loss in such a huge way in one area but not in another like that and not know how to react.

There are also many other issues that happen with prednisone like undesired hair growth, acne, thin skin, bone thinning, mood swings, insomnia, serious abdominal striae, etc… Though I have learned to move past it now for the most part I will say it I learned to educate others on it and taught people some sensitivity along the way, lol. Please find the link below to find more information on prednisone and its effects:

Prednisone link –> here

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