MG as autoimmune?- Hilarious Moments

Some health professionals still do not see MG as being an autoimmune disorder. However it is defined as an autoimmune neuromuscular disease…We do have a weakened immune system. Moreover, with the medication that we take our immune systems become even more compromised. I was someone who never got sick before this disorder. I have found that I am more susceptible to colds and flu now than I use to be. It is quite annoying. It is so bad that I have to wear a mask at work during cold and flu season to help prevent getting sick. I also avoid large crowds during this time of year such as going to church and sometimes packed restaurants because people tend to be more closely seated and if they are sick and ‘hacking’ everywhere I am likely to get it.

I have become something of a germ fighter, LOL. I have been hospitalized due to how severely my body breaks down after getting the flu and I cannot take the flu shots. I got the flu shots the first year after being diagnosed and it put me in the ICU. So no more of that. I have just learned I cannot do hospitals when I am healthy or be around kids.

I also prefer not to go places like this where I will have to wear my mask because people are ignorant!!! They step away from you as if you are contagious when I am trying to prevent myself from getting sick because they are coughing uncontrollably. The following things have been said to me while wearing my mask during cold and flu season at my job ( and not by people who were my friends):

 “I hope you get better soon”- I say you too…because I am not ‘sick’ in that nature and you shouldn’t assume so especially when we work at an Asian company (based in the US) and you guys travel there often and know they wear masks based on air qual

“Watch out for ebola over there!“- Seriously why would you make a comment like that when you have no idea why I am wearing a mask.

Why would you come to work if you could get sick?– Well just like an ADA law you cannot tell someone they cannot come to work if they can be accommodated and still do their job. However, why would come to work if could get in a car accident?

How long do you have to wear that thing?– Well it’s a mask and until cold and flu season is over…as you’re coughing and your nose is running in my face…

You should draw a face on your mask because we can’t see your expressions!– Believe me you don’t need to see my expression, it would give away the dumb look I have that says you are an idiot! After wearing them for 3+ months I had to learn to stop muttering under my breath and stop making certain faces since I no longer had a mask to hide behind.

Do you wear the same mask everyday? No I have a disposable sterile masks because that is sanitary other wise is defeats the purpose.

Will you have to wear again next year?– Yes for the millionth time yes! I explained this when you asked about the mask in the first place when you were trying to gauge if you should run and realized I was safe. I will have it on each year during this time unless I find another job where there are less people to interact with on a daily basis.

I will tell you I can laugh now but when this was going on I was very self-conscious and my husband was livid! I wonder how I will feel next year! I think I will have some quips ready!

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