Physical Tools For Myasthenics

Part of having MG means that you will have periods of fatigue that you will not be able to always overcome. You want to try to plan ahead to prevent complete exhaustion by creating tools and methods to leverage time that you are strongest to get you through each day, event and situation.


I have bought a bidet. It is most helpful for your fine motor movement and cleaning yourself. Moreover I also bought a shower handle and shower stool. This quite a bit when I just want to relax and take my time. Am I capable of a regular shower heck yea but do I enjoy sitting in my shower and using my shower wand attachment, you better believe it. It massages too. It feels great on my neck, shoulders, calves, and feet.

Toothpaste squeeze-rollers are awesome too give your fingers a break too. Jar openers and bag carriers. These things have become my life line. I can do these things but they help me exert far less energy that I can put toward other things, which will make my life much easier when I decide to have a baby later.

Collapsible bins, foldable/ collapsible water bottles, foldable chair, and poncho will help in moments when you feel weak and need to sit or get out of the elements.

My favorite is rolling bins, lol. They come in different types wicker, metal, plastic. I can store things in them, on them, and use them as seat or a table when I need to.

Find the type of day you are strongest for me that is NOT the morning but for many MGers it is. I am strongest in the middle toward the end afternoon. I plan my biggest events then. When you are weak that knowledge comes in handy because this is also when you probably want to run errands, eat your bigger meals, and do chores.

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