Knowledge and Research

It is important to know that when you have a condition, illness, disease, that knowledge and research is power. Ignorance is not bliss because it can get you killed. I wanted to put off going to the doctor when I started having symptoms for as long as I could but I knew that I could not because I did not like how I felt and I was scared. I had never felt what I had felt and with the ability to research at our fingertips there is no need not to at least begin the process there.

We have technology through all sorts of devices nowadays (tablets, phones, and laptops). If you have a problem you can put in your symptoms and get an idea of what may be wrong with you and then decide if you think you may need to go to the doctor. However, the internet can scare the heck out of you as well. The symptoms of a simple cold can come up as some rare case of some horrible incurable disease, LOL.

Sometimes though it can be quite valuable. When I put in my symptoms for my current disorder I was in disbelief. I put in a few of them and Myasthenia Gravis did come up but I was like no…I have no idea what that is, and at the time I did not have all the symptoms. Moreover, doctors (at least mine) ask me what do you think is going on what your body. They believe you are the expert of what is going on with your body and what you believe is the case. I said I have no idea. Plus honestly though I saw the word and again in his office saw the sign for MG I still had never saw that word before that day.

Once diagnosed it is great to learn as much as you can about it and then learn what will work for you and ask you doctor all the questions you can about it (over time).

  • You will want to know about special diet restrictions
  • Future implications for other doctor appointments like dental appointments (will you need antibiotics before going to see the dentist?, which ones can you take?)
  • What medications should you stay away from? (with MG there is a huge list)
  • What are exercise limitations?
  • Are there research studies you may want to join?
  • Learn about doctors with great ratings in your area that can handle your disorder (they typically will refer you to each other, so ask)
  • Speak out against a doctor who may not seem knowledgeable about your disease, illness, or condition (this could be life or death) ask questions. There could be a new change that they are unaware or you are unaware and they can educate you. Either way double checking never hurts, I do this often and it makes you both feel good, my doctors actually appreciate it and then write it down for the future. They usually call write in front of me and that way we can all have confirmation and satisfaction.

So do your research and learn as much as you can!


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