MG and migraines

Some meds have the side effects that cause migraines or headaches. Considering that I already have a string history of migraines and a 60 day migraine brought me to my neurologist in the first place that eventually led to the diagnosis of my MG I would say it’s pretty serious. I was already on a migraine preventor before I was diagnosed however, everyone with MG is not.

migraine fogThe downside is that I cannot tell if my fog I feel is strictly from MG or the topiramate that I use and neither can the neurologist. The neurologist is not overly concerned as this was a warning and it it doesn’t overly interfere with my quality of life but it can be quite annoying. I wake up and it can take me longer to get ready some days when I am in the fog. It can take me longer to recall things or I forget things easily.

To combat these things I have tried to use tactics I started long ago with my organization skills that have helped me, only I use them more often and even on my mobile devices. I use checklist (to-do list), sticky note apps on mall my computers, and I carry my planner with me everywhere I go. I let my co-workers, friends, and family know if you did not see me write something down, I will not remember. Moreover, if I do develop a migraine, even with the preventor, I am pretty much crippled. I want to be left alone, in the dark, in a quiet place. Though this is rarely able to happen because I still have to work, I take relpax to help combat this and try to keep pushing through my day.

Sometimes to push through the day even when I do not have a migraine I try a bit of sugar or caffeine (soda usually). If anyone else with MG experiences similar ‘fogs’ I would love to hear your experiences.


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