Slow DOWN for the Rainbows

We live in a world that moves at high speed. Everything is right at our fingertips or we can drive right up to it. We are always moving and never in one place for too long. It’s a wonder how any of us are sedentary or overweight sometimes. I am no exception to this, I find that sometimes I move so much that I burn the candle at both ends. This was all well and good before MG (well not really) but it is really horrible now.

I have a new symptom when I am too busy to slow down, I call it the rainbows, lol. I recently in the last 2-3 weeks have developed an added vision problem of seeing aura type rainbows around lights with a bit of fogginess/ haze about everything like allergies. It sucks! At first I was not sure what was going on, only that I did not feel well. I had not quite realized that it was because I was not only tired, but had been missing meals. However, at my job I am so busy with members or the work I am doing I am always getting distracted or pulled away just before I can grab something to eat. And since I do not have a lunch hour, I have to eat ‘around’ the members.

I try to eat in my office with the door closed, but they come and knock on the door and ask you to do things anyway even when they see you mid-bite (can you please show me how this or that works…after bypassing 2 other staff members). Moreover, I found that I had gotten out of my routine of preparing my lunch the night before and trying to have snacks on hand for breakfast and throughout the day.

Then the rainbows started after several days of not eating properly and running around so much. The rainbows are like when you go to the pool and open your eyes in the chlorine and then look up at the lights. The extreme heat may have also played a factor as well as the tracheal stenosis, LOL. However, I am going to assume it was mostly eating, for as soon as I ate within 30 minutes the rainbows and fog would go away. I have to continue to take care of myself.

I have been so anxious about this surgery coming up I have just tried to keep busy and obviously forgetting things like eating has proven how nervous and anxious I am about it tomorrow. I am ready for it to be over but quite scared. I am ready to say I no longer have tracheal stenosis but nervous/ scared because of my anginophobia. Wish me luck! I will keep you guys posted…I have some posts prepared for tomorrow as I may not be that up to regular posts but I will try to put up a quick status in the mean time.


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  1. jennymarie4 · August 4, 2015

    Wishing you the best, and for a smooth and speedy recovery!

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