Mood Swings- Prednisone Side effect: hilarious moments happen though

mood swings

As if I do not have enough to to deal with having been diagnosed with anxiety in my life, lol prednisone definitely has altered my mood more than I thought it would. I know they say each drug effects people differently and that you may not get the symptoms but I would have to say, I have definitely developed this one. I find there are times that for no reason at all I am irritated to the max and with no on in particular or suddenly quite excited. It seems quite bipolar. When I talked to the neurologist about it, he immediately said it is a side effect of your prednisone especially at the does I am on.

I was quite displease, unfortunately it is necessary at the moment for my myasthenia gravis and I am not at the point where I can taper down yet do to minor surgeries that I have had to get over the last year. Hopefully this will occur in the near future but it has not been able to happen yet. I am ready to be back to my normal. I have enough to worry about with out offended people uncontrollably, or being overly sensitive. Actually I’m more concerned about the oversensitiveness than anything else, I do not like feeling as if anyone can hurt me.  Though at times it feels great to tattle to my husband about how bad my day was and how such and such said something and hurt my feelings and to get a rise out of him. This does not happen often and that feels good to know he cares enough to be pissed that someone was screwing with me, male or female. I then have to downplay it, because no matter how small it was he wants to tear someone’s head off, LMBO. He does not like to see me upset. Which this medicine definitely causes. I usually am really good at handling my emotions but not this last year.

I even find that maybe it gives me more courage at times because I am on it, LOL. I am more of an advocate because I have less patience at times, I am more firm/ direct and I am more empathetic to how others would feel in my situation when dealing with customers. It can be quite refreshing at times. I think it makes my husband almost want to blush or disappear some days though.

My husband has benefited many times in the last year from my ‘new’ firm behavior in stores, restaurants, and other service venues because I am not rude but professional and up front about how I feel about something that he is not satisfied about. Normally he would not say a word just decided next time he won’t order it or come back, but now we tend to get free/ discounted things more often because I cannot deal with the problems. I tell him the new rule is you cannot complain about it if you are not going to do anything about it!!! It makes us both smile! I make sure I tip well (as long as the service was still polite and they continue to do as they should) mistakes happen. We continue to go back and we are always nice. We love our city and our experiences and want to make sure we have great memories.

When I am extra sensitive I try to warn my husband outright and just say I am sensitive or I do not feel like being bothered I have had a bad day. Most women will not do that. They will hint or hope their poor husbands PICK UP on this. I have learned from years of watching television, a degree in psychology, and watching several successful marriages in my family, it does NOT work this way. You have to be straight forward. Most Men will NOT get it. They will be on autopilot and assume everything is normal and you are tired and expect the norm from you until you bite their head off, LMBO. Then once you misdirect your anger because they did not get it bad things happen. My husband has learned to give me my space or try to do things he knows I will appreciate like cook/get dinner, straighten the house, or ask me if I would like to engage in one of our favorite online games. Sometimes he will do me one better and RUN…he just says well I bought you some food and I’m going to go spend some time with my brother for a few hours if you don’t mind, LOL. That way when he returns I am usually stuffed, have taken my nightly meds, and passed out and he sleeps in another room to keep it that way, LOL.

We are going to beat this prednisone but until we can taper off it or reduce it in anyway! We will keep finding our blissful ways to get around it’s side effects!


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