Anginophobia- Ebbing

I believe that my anginophobia may be ebbing. It could be because I had such a great experience with my trachea surgery Tuesday or it could be because I have a great ENT doctor/surgeon but when he said that my surgery was a success and that IF it didn’t ‘take’ it would mean surgery again in 2 years at the least. I was actually pretty content with that. I was shocked. I was calm and not sweaty told myself right then I could do it if he was the one doing the surgery.

He was well aware of my Myasthenia Gravis, he handled me with great care and respect, he was efficient, and he was very honest with me. It was refreshing and made me feel a sort of relief that I have never been ever to feel in regards to neck/ throat surgeries. I have never even been able to talk about throat surgeries without anxiety, or even been able to hear everything the doctor was saying without feeling as if I was in a tunnel hearing echos. The calm is a new feeling and I am enjoying it!

Moreover, since the surgery I have have ebbing feelings of anginophobia when I have to cough to clear my throat. I have not felt as if I would not breathe again. Only on the first day or 2 did I have it. Since then I have become extremely confident that it is indeed all in my head. Especially after seeing the pictures of how much my throat has opened up. My throat had closed to the sized of a dime from the scarring and after the surgery it is now about the size of 50 cent piece. That visualization makes me feel more at ease. A weight is being lifted off my shoulders!



  1. jennymarie4 · August 9, 2015

    That’s wonderful! Glad to hear the surgery was a success!

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  2. brightonbipolar · August 9, 2015

    I’m so happy that your feeling better 😊

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