Getting back in shape with MG

The trick to exercising with MG is to never get out of shape, lol. However, we all know that with this disorder we will have setbacks and moments that are just not going to allow us to workout or keep our regimen in place year round. These last few months with several surgeries, countless doctor appointments, and questionable medical issues that just received answers and solutions; I am just now getting back on track.

It sucks because I cannot always tell what is MG fatigue and what is exercise fatigue right now when it use to be so clear. Those limits are not there! I have always been one to press the limits anyway but I would rather play this one safe to actually reach my goal this year. I lost 30 lbs last year and only managed to gain 7 back in the last 7 months of not exercising. I figure that’s pretty good since I only saw the scale go up in the last 3 months. I am really good at maintaining my weight nutrition wise.

However, now it’s time to get back on it I still have another 30lbs to go. I want this for me. No one is pushing me. The doctors are not, my husband is not, this is just my goal. When I say pushing I mean forcing me. I prefer to be able to do it on my own without anyone nagging me. My husband never nagged me, he has always loved me for the size I am no matter what size I am but that may not always be helpful at times. But he is supportive of my goals, so that is helpful. The doctors are happy as long as I am healthy and have no further health issues. I figure this is how I prevent them. My knees and ankles do not like me again and that tells me I am not where I want to be or need to be. At one point the doctors use to nag me and I am glad I am in a range where they do not. So before they do I will get this train rolling!

I am health fitness specialist with a degree, license, and several certifications in the field and I know better than to allow my self to feel this way or look this way. I also refuse to allow myself try and control the things I cannot and I have to be ok with that as well which is the psychology degree I earned, lol. I mentally make a note of these uncontrollably things and workout to ensure I ebb these anxieties as well as make sure I pray over them in case there is a solution that I can control to fix them. Until then I will get back on this bike and go to work because I need to get this weight off.


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