Excuse me did I just step on your Testosterone, Pride, EGO!


Call it what you like but I find that many times being someone who is strong-willed, motivated, and most of all HAPPY will find that they are stepping on the toes of others. These people are the heroes! They rub people the wrong way who are not. They piss people off who do not have it together or make them jealous because they seem to get everything they way. Well guess what we cannot help it and we have those who we feel get the same exact (man that should be me or could be moments) but instead of feeling like you we usually suck it up, or congratulate them, or push harder to get it too. We are not sitting there crying over what could have been.

I have learned in the last 2 years of having a chronic disorder that people are like OMG, she thinks she is super woman, I wish she would sit down. Why is she trying to go back to work she just had surgery? Why is she teaching her fitness classes? Why is she traveling? Why is she doing this or that? These people are the ‘against all odds’ people. Usually you would think against all odds is good like they stood up against everything in the face of adversity to help you…but in this case I say they stood up against you in every way they could to tear you down. They stood in your way!

I am enjoying life. I am living life! Which is more than I can say for the person who is worrying about what they believe are my shortcomings. When you are complaining about why you cannot get out of bed yet I have the autoimmune/ neuromuscular disorder that causes extreme fatigue some days I say nothing. I just observe! When we workout and you get mad because on your best day you cannot squat what I can on my weakest day…TOUGH! When you stick your foot in your mouth because you did not know about my disorder and scream about how great it was to beat me in that event…I will lose with grace, which only fuels me to push harder. I know I can still do better, but you look foolish because you feel the only reason I lose is because I am “broken” or “disabled” but that is not it. I lose because I lose. You lose because you are ignorant.

I have noticed that people do not like a person who prevails in spite of the adversity. They watch fairy tales and heroes who have to conquer against all odds, but when they get real life examples they tend to be the ones that you have to prevail from. They are the ones that you have to write about in your life story as the ‘against all odds characters’ that stood in your way!

Which are you? Are you are Hero or Against all odds?


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