Weird People Make the World Go Round


When I was about 14 years old starting high school, I once asked my Dad’s Cousin a question…This question I fully expected to be answered a certain way because this may I deeply trusted, respected, loved, and enjoyed his visits, so naturally I wanted him to say what I wanted to hear!!! My question,

“Am I weird?”

His response after a momentary pause to reflect…


I was taken aback, hurt, and confused! A million thoughts flooded my head and I began to immediately feel insecure, but before I could shy away, he began to speak again.

“You see my dear, how many people want to look inside someones mouth everyday?”

I stared at him strangely but continued to listen…

“Who wants to put their hands in their mouths and play with their tongues and reach into a stranger’s mouth?”

I must have looked more confused like a small puppy with my head cocked to the side as I sat still but I was determined I was going to get his riddle. I figured he was challenging my brain as he always did when he came. I enjoyed his brain teasers though I felt this was ill-timed because I did just ask him if I was weird and I was not sure if the answer was still wrapped in this riddle or if he was trying to distract. He was masterful at both. he continued…

“Who wants to shine a light into someones rear end all day?”

I smiled…he continued…

“You see, dentists and proctologists may be considered weird people by but they are necessary and they make the world go round”

I smiled even bigger now as I got his meaning, as he taught me to embrace my weirdness. He said the fact that my peers called me weird for the way I talked, dressed, acted, or the events I participated only made them boring and mundane and to make my life as weird I chose. The goal in life is not to be cookie cutter because that was not how God made us; as cookie cutter images!



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