Selective Memory Effect

Have you ever had friends or family that remember everything? What about the person that only remembers the things that are important or relevant to them? We call that selective memory. They pick and choose what they want to concentrate on hard enough to remember or what they wanted to focus hard enough on to store into their memory in the first place.

I tend to find selective memory a good and bad thing. However, it can be quite annoying. My disorder for the most part does not leave my physically disfigured so people forget I have it. Therefore instead of asking if I am able to do things they assume I can still do them just as I could before I was developed it. If I am feeling strong I will and pretend that I do not, which may be a mistake because in their mind they may think the illness is cured. However, If I say something they look at me as if I am lying some days or as if I gave them new information. It is amazing some days. I get so annoyed when I explain the same thing over and over to some people, especially family.

These are the people that even if you did just say ‘Google’ it coldly like you would a stranger or associate, you would probably not get much further and you would also then have to deal with a flood of emotions because they are family.

On the other hand there are times that I want people to forget. Times when I want to be treated normal again and feel as if I did before having a disorder. My immediate family is good at remembering I have a disorder but when I am well allowing me to be me and just letting me be. I love it! There are friends too that as long as I explain to them if I am feeling weak they respond but otherwise they treat me like normal as well. They see me as being able to do whatever I am willing to do unless I say otherwise. I love it. These people let me have my cake and eat it too! It eases my anxiety to be around these people. They are like water to my soul and if you read my blog at all you know I love water and I love to swim and just be around the healing properties of water. I look forward to Sundays with my family and planned trips to see my friends and events with them.


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