I always use to say that my biggest pet peeve was ignorant people who were intentionally ignorant! Which in other words means that they are in some way obnoxious. These are the people who could easily go and help themselves to the answer by opening the book in front of them, or listen to what the teacher just said and have the answer we all just heard but they ask a question just just answered, or they blurt out something ignorant instead of observing something when the answer may come if they were just patient.

However, I realized that maybe this is simply part of my anxiety as well. You always hear the phrase my educators that there are NO STUPID QUESTIONS! Weeeeeell, as my mother may say (who was an educator, there may be if you TRY! LOL. I have been around people who I believe their life goal is to see how far they can push me before I snap! I believe they can see an ANXIETY CASE from a mile away and they want to see how well I can contain myself. Though these people make my skin crawl and my brain will not calm down for several hours I still will not show it. The problem is I can contain myself very well, but the thoughts in my head start to sound something like this:

Male Client: Where are the towels?

ME: You me the the ones that you passed while getting dressed on the big 5’x 3′ rack with over 300 towels on it right by your gym bag?

In My Head: Open you friggin eyes, it’s U shaped with no obstructed view, it’s literally 3-6 feet from your bag in any direction, how the heck did you miss it, you have to pass it to go in and come out of the locker room! And the fact that you didn’t just go back in and look for instead of coming to me to ask says you show no initiative, I can’t go get it for you!

Stranger: Why are you sitting in that handicapped seat you don’t look handicapped?

ME: Many people who are disabled do not look like what they are going through.

In My Head: You rude jerk, you don’t look handicapped either but from that question you are obviously suffering from severe mental retardation your IQ is lowered than 5. And your empathy/ sympathy rates on the scale of nonexistent as my husband is standing to let me have the seat is 2 seconds from jumping down your throat had I not retorted in a satisfactory manner.

These are just some examples of what I mean when I cannot tell if I am dealing with anxiety or dealing with a pet peeve as they both give me the same feeling! It’s a harsh reality some days!



  1. E. English · August 19, 2015

    I thought my eyes would drown in tears. This is too funny. I share these pet peeves. I’m a firm believer if the reason you don’t know the answer to a question is you were not paying attention or listening in class or wherever–then repeating that question is indeed stupid.

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    • ladycamecu · August 19, 2015

      YES! It drove me crazy because these people were have the reason I wanted to go to school online and why I thought I was in advanced classes, yet I found ignorance there too! LMBO! These people would keep me from getting out of class early or on time. I would always think to myself PLEASE stay after and ask this question because you are the ONLY one with your hand up. It will not be a question anyone else has because everyone else is packed with one foot out the door, lol. This was years ago but it still burns me up, LOL!

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      • E. English · August 19, 2015

        Lolz! I can understand that. My college days were filled with those “wtf is your hand raised” moments. :/

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  2. ladycamecu · August 19, 2015

    OMG YES! And it was always the same people!


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