Rainbows but no Unicorns


So yesterday I had the strange symptom of the rainbows again. I thought I had traced it to not eating properly during my workday. Maybe it also has to do with proper hydration too because yesterday I am positive I had eaten enough. I did however miss my water routine yesterday for the first time in weeks. I saw the rainbows around the lights around dinner time. I know this is also a symptom of being tired as well but as soon as I ate a bit and got a bit of water in me it went away 30 min or so later.

I have talked with my neurologist about this and he has not really had any thoughts about it yet besides checking my trough levels of cell cept and making sure it is doing its job since it takes 2 years to begin doing it’s full job. If it is not he wants to switch me to something else like imuran. We will see.

I wish with this symptom it was something better to report like rainbows accompanied with unicorns! Rainbows are usually a good sign, lol. It gives me a bit of anxiety because lately I have been having more ocular symptoms than anything else. In the past it was swallowing/ vocal issues. However, I don’t mind the change up as much, it just takes so getting use to as I depend on my sight so much and have to rest my eyes more now by taking cat naps or just sit in the dark.

I have to wear shades more often, even on cloudy days, and I have to come away from the computer and my books more often which I have yet to do. I need to create schedule breaks to do that! We will see how that goes, lol.



  1. E. English · August 20, 2015

    I do not believe I have ever heard myasthenia gravis. I was just about to Google and I stopped, because I’d much rather read your blog and find out from you what it is, sooooooo that’s just what I’ll do. Nevertheless, I love your humor already. I’m not yet sure how much of a nuisance myasthenia gravis is to you, but I love that I am able to feel your smile through your words. ♥E.E.

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    • ladycamecu · August 20, 2015

      Thank You! Feel free to peruse and ask as many questions as you like if it is not clear enough for you! I am an open book! Enjoy!

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  2. E. English · August 20, 2015

    I will do! Thank you.

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