Trix Are For Kids…


If we always put an age limit on everything that was for kids we would truly have a stressful life. I believe that we should try to view life through the eyes of a child sometimes and enjoy life a children do to relieve the stress that some of us deal with in our daily lives. I model my fitness classes after fun kids activities that you probably would not dare do on your own because you fear that other adults would judge you for doing it. WE do crab walk and human wheelbarrow races, as well as over under drills with a medicine ball and someone races to the front of the line and so on. Instead of the team who comes in last gets feeling bad they actually get incentives like the other team has to plank and wait for that team to finish but they aren’t told until the end, LOL.

Also, I watch cartoons! I watch all sorts, not always with my nieces and nephews in attendance either. I sit for hours and tune in to cartoon network during regular time (not adult swim or toonami, though I like this too) and and just watch cartoons. I watch Disney channel as well. It keeps you young and innocent at heart. It’s good to laugh and enjoy kid things.

People say you should hurry up and grow up. I am grown, married, with a full-time job and though I enjoy this life, I enjoy the simple things and that includes remembering the simple fun times of being a child. I have 23 nieces and nephews and they keep me young. They remind me that Trix are just for kids!  They are for those who remember there is a little kid inside of you screaming to get out. Go to the amusement park, go to the zoo, go find your sense of excitement and wonder. Enjoy the world as you once did as a child! I promise the stress will just melt away!


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