Hairy Situations…An Update and WONDER


SO as I said in my previous post Ripping off the Band Aid I will give it 2 months before I make any rash decisions on what to do about my hair situation. I will try the hair products suggested by my friend who has been doing my hair for so long and I will make a dermatologist appointment and try whatever methods they suggest. I have also tried a low maintenance solution in the meantime that is taking some getting use to for me because I am just not use to all the ins and outs of the world of hair that does not grow naturally out of your hair.

When you go into a hair store there is so much in there to overwhelm you. There are products for black people and white people, but not many for mixed hair. I struggle often because people say you are black. I say that may be true, but my hair does not know that! I have so many things in my family and my grandmother on my dad’s side really is predominantly Native American. It’s amazing the looks I get when I walk with her and then I saw that’s my grandmother, lol because many black people often say I have Indian in my family but I really have quite a bit in many aspects not just with my dad’s side either. My  mom’s side has it as well but at My great great grandparent’s level.

SO needless to say when I have gone into hair stores over the years with friends they (the store associates)  have assumed it was not for me. But I have been intrigued asking what things were and why. My friends have always picked on and laughed saying I would not understand their struggle and I did not but now I kind of do. However, it took illness to understand it. Even now though it’s a struggle on a different level because the products are made for one ethnicity or another not a middle ground. SO they have to almost ‘change’ the texture of my hair to make things work sometimes. They have to tease it or out extra holding spray or add wraps where they would not for normal hair and then apply solutions. I almost never go alone to the beauty supply/hair store unless I already know what I need which usually requires long amounts of time pouring over it online doing research first or talking with friends because I am so use to wash and go for so long. I have always had very easy low maintenance hair. This situation is very frustrating, but I know I can do it and I pray that some positive results come of it so that I can relax and learn something new about hair, lol.

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