Spirits and MG


MG is a true give and take relationship sometimes. You have to compromise with it. Sometimes you have to say I cannot do this activity right now today so that I can have energy/ strength for later. However, this sometimes spills over to other activities too like the spirits (drinking for my younger readers, lol). I do not drink as much as I use to but I still like to enjoy the occasional drink and they suggest that I do not drink at all with this disorder. When I say that I do not drink but once a month they assume I do not drink at all during my doctor’s visits on my charts, lol. Apparently, if it’s less than once a week that’s how it shows up in their system and I have to explain when I ask questions about drinking because it seems like I lied on the intake forms.

When I do drink I have to be a bit more careful than just regular drinkers. I take the normal drinker’s precautions: no drinking and driving, and being around people I know and trust of course, I am responsible (most of the time, hey I’m 30, lol). I’m not dead!!! But alcohol affects me differently because of the medications I am on and the disorder. I am affected for several days later and not just because alcohol normally does that to your cognition and health. My symptoms are a bit flared. I tend to have more slurring, drooping eyelids, and swallowing issues, and generalized weakness even if I was really strong for a few days after all the alcohol is out of my system. Yes, MG is like being drunk 24/7 in other words, but you don’t get the loopy cognitive affects that may feel mellow, lol. I usually feel anxious because I am worried about how long this is going to last if I have had too much. My tolerance had dropped tremendously from what it use to be. Though I know one should not always commend themselves on being able to drink grown men under a table, I could do this often until recently.

Sometimes I plan heavier drinking weekends like my birthday weekend near a treatment time so I can let loose, bad I know but worth it sometimes (it only comes once a year). Now I play it safe and just have fun outtings. I have nothing to prove and I can still drink, I just take it much easier on both my liver and my MG, LOL.

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