Laundromat For The Soul


I look at crying as the laundromat for the soul. Though I do not do it often when I do I feel it cleanses you and your spirit sometimes and allows you the ability to start fresh and move forward without need to explain or even say what the issue was that was plaguing you. In some ways I feel that blogging can now be that for me as well. I have found many outlets in my life that have dried up my tears and prevented me from being so overly sensitive. I went through a strange period (most of us call it being a teen) where I cried often), then as I broke out of that I was not sure how to vent and yelled often. Then I had to learn how to find positive ways to vent. I wrote in a journal.

My sister gave me this purple binder and I scribbled all over it and put stickers from my college homecoming freebie bag on it. There are a lot of m.t.v. things on it funny enough that make me feel super old now. She also gave me notebook paper that was purple and said ‘boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!’ with little boy running on each page with rocks whizzing behind him squarely in the center. It’s part of a the collection. I love their stuff now. I’m not a fan of purple but it was the thought that counted. I actually started writing in the book often at first and always when I had a really great encounter or really bad encounter. When I read it now it reads like an absolutely bipolar individual. My therapist was concerned for a while until she realized that there were huge gaps in time, lol. Though there are plenty of blank pages now that I can write in even now I still cannot bring myself to write my new life in it unless I buy new pages  with a different color as it would need to symbolize a different chapter in my life now.

I also do not like to write as much now because the repetitive fine motor movement is an issue for my MG and causes muscular issues for days to come. I would rather have movement of my hand and fingers, even though I do miss writing. But I tend to write pages at a time in my journal.  Now I find solace in blogging, looking at other’s travels and trying recipes, and hearing your stories. I also love reading, gaming, and crafting! Plus I am finding a whole new world of things to do from blogging with the man I married that is making being married more fun that I even I could have imagined, I don’t get me wrong I imagined quite a fun time of it. I have wanted to be married since I could remember and not fairytale wedding or anything like that just what I had seen from the great examples in my family. My great grandparents were married 69 years before my great grandmother passed and my parents have been married 42 years and they are hilarious! I realize that I am more like them everyday with a twist! I enjoy knowing that!

How do you clean your soul?


  1. Lynz Real Cooking · August 30, 2015

    Very nice post! I write and blogging helps

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  2. Sarah's Attic of Treasures · September 1, 2015

    I cry in the shower. A lot.
    I can no longer hold a pen very well so it is really hard for me to write letters and journal ON PAPER. I miss having my journals in my hand.
    I am too tired right now to write much. I will be back and often. Hugs Sarah

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    • Lady CAS · September 1, 2015

      I use the speech system call the dragon too it’s great and sometimes I still print it on my ‘boys are stupid paper’ just to feel good, lol


      • Sarah's Attic of Treasures · September 2, 2015

        I miss writing letters. It HURTS to now….

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        • Lady CAS · September 2, 2015

          I know the feeling that’s why I type or use the dragon. I physically cannot because I fatigue and hands literally goes dead for hours. Like I am paralyzed.


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