Understanding Empathy

One of my fellow bloggers wrote a concise article and I was obliged to agree. I feel that empathy and sympathy are not the same and I have explained the 2 until I am blue in the face. People need to understand that you need empathy in life; it is a valuable and essential trait to have.

Source: Understanding Empathy


  1. Gen · August 31, 2015

    You’re so right – many people don’t understand the difference between sympathy and empathy and just how important it is to be empathetic towards others and try to understand their feelings

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  2. JoHanna Massey · September 1, 2015

    I believe our human tendency to judge so quick who others are and whether we approve or disapprove of them or their behavior, opinions, dress, politics…oh gosh there are a hundred things we can judge others about…and it gets in the way of our growing our empathy. Not to mention we miss out on knowing some amazing cool others, learning new things, and evolving into someone better ourselves.

    I have no clue where this AM morning rant just came from! Wow! or LOL as the young folks say!

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