My Sheldon Cooper Moments!


So having an autoimmune disorder causes you to pick up some habits that can be a bit absurd sometimes. I was never a germophobe and I still am not but I will say that during cold and flu season I am leading up to it you will be put on the do not call, write, email, or send telepathic thoughts list! 6be10c_SheldonCooperHeck you may even be put in a bubble for thinking about my name for my safety and yours! When I first got diagnosed with MG I was hospitalized 3 times just because others had a cold or the flu.

People and DOCTORS were like just get the flu shot and I was like yea sure while in in the hospital give it to me…it resulted in me being put immediately in the ICU. A similar result happened a few years back before MG and 10 years before that with my first flu shot before (sans flu) had a bad reaction. Their thought then was that it was in my system for a few days ( as viruses are known to be) and I just started showing symptoms. However, after 3 failed attempts my doctors are finally realizing that this is likely not the case.

images (1)So when we get close to this time, yes I am looking at you all like I have an Aeon Flux Eye scrutinizing if you have allergies, a simple runny nose from the cold, or if you are indeed CONTAGION 1 and ENEMY OF THE (CHRIS)TOCRACY (ME) as my name is Chris, LOL.

I apologize now for my craziness but unless you want to pay my hospital bills by being wrong and getting me sick, I just don’t trust your sniffles, LOL. I quarantine my husband and kick him out of the room and masks are worn by him until he is better along with intensive cold/flu meds. We cannot afford to be sick because I have enough medical bills, needless ones for this sort of thing are ridiculous so I when you sneeze and I block with a Heisman pose stiff arm you, mask myself in my shirt and bolt for the door, it’s all in love because it was thought at the time to be an act of life or death, LOL!



  1. Nena · September 3, 2015

    LOL! I love all your posts! I can always count on them to be real and filled with laugh out loud moments:)

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    • Lady CAS · September 3, 2015

      Thank you! I never really realized I was funny…Everyone keeps saying I am but I just say this is my life and I can’t make this stuff up, LOL! I do not have a filter and it manages to make people laugh and I’m ok with that, because laughter is great medicine!

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      • Nena · September 3, 2015

        I am with you on that! We would have a blast if we had a chance to hang out lol love it!

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        • Lady CAS · September 3, 2015

          Well I will be doing a lot of travel in upcoming months may have to come to one of those big events you are at so we can hang!

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  2. Heather · September 4, 2015

    My cousin is the same way. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer many years ago and has had the all clear for some time, but if you sneeze, you’re on the quarantine list. I’ll be sure to wear a mask whilst reading your posts. 🙂

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    • Lady CAS · September 4, 2015

      LMBO please and thank you! We can’t help it, those hospital bills get expensive when you start fighting off colds on top of your illness because someone gets careless. And offices are cess pools, LOL

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  3. freebryd · September 4, 2015

    OMG!! Every year it’s literally shoved down my throat about getting the flu shot! I finally agreed to do it, and BAM…I was sick too! Then I heard the flu shot wasn’t really effective this past year, because they had a bad strain or something along those lines (never followed up to see how true this was). But, I wish you the best this year! Maybe you can live in a bubble 🙂

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  4. Lady CAS · September 4, 2015

    It wasn’t a bad strain per se it was that it did not cover all the strains that were out there that were so dominant this year and they could not get them in fast enough for people who were affected. So it was ineffective for quite a few people. Yea it sucked! I’m up for the bubble idea, it would be cool to roll around in lol. ☺


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