Oh W A (e) I (gh)T ! That’s me you’re talking about!

Give this a good Look! Self-Esteem is important! We have to re-think how we look at ourselves Re-brand your thoughts!


Having felt a little (oh no terribly) guilty after I indulged in a Mozzarella grill, signs that my body could no longer take days of shoving ‘healthy’ food down its throat and into its gut, I decided to rethink my moment of weakness and take a step-by-step approach as to why I was self-sabotaging my weight loss plan. The funny part is, I relished every moment I ate that indescribably yummy sandwich! I was worried not because I’d have gained a couple of grams tomorrow when I weigh myself. I was instantaneously afraid of what other people would say!

It’s just that the world looks at you so differently, so harshly when you’re fat. It’s somehow everybody’s (or the ‘fat police’ as I’d like to call them) moral responsibility, to come and tell you how fat you are, how that dress would have fit you so much better if you were thin…

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