Suck My Cockiness, Ran Into A Glass Wall


Is it me or every time you start to feel a bit full of yourself you get nudged and knocked down or in my case I tend to take myself out! I got a bit cocky lately with how well my progression has been going with my MG and workouts and then life happens. I don’t mean my usual clumsy I just walked into a glass door or did she just fall down a flight of stairs again? I mean she just trip in slow motion took down the collapsible tent, grabbed the collapsible cooler handle, turned and grabbed the fold-able chair before finally hitting the ground moment. I have been too tired to get in workouts because I have been neglecting housework to get them in. I need a maid! I need more help but this does not seem to be possible.

Then I push the envelope cleaning and instead of doing it moderately and over time I do it all in one feel sweep because I am tired of seeing the mess. Then I end up with several days of moderate weakness. I cannot help it if feel like if I do not clean up the anxiety will mount up so greatly within me I will explode. My grandmother is the same way. I think it’s a way for us to relax as well feel busy sometimes. It helps us think and relief stress. It’s hard to explain. But I felt great immediately after it was done. It’s just the days that follow until I can rest and re-energize.

What’s more is that I am the worst for pushing even past that and pretending that nothing is wrong. So I still try to do normal things in the mean time like go to work full-time, hang with friends, do normal chores, and the like. This is not resting for a person with MG. In fact it can take me an additional week or so to recover after my cleaning stunts when I do this but I try not to let it get to me or hinder others yet sometimes it does. I have to be better about this! My confidence in my abilities is a bit misleading at times based on how I feel some days, where I want to be, and the GREAT reports I have been getting from the doctors lately but that glass wall has been hurting a bit. I should probably stop face planting into some often, LMBO.



  1. kerrilwilliams · September 7, 2015

    I must be honest I had not heard of your illness until you and I started chatting, and I googled it. It must be pretty hard to deal with but you describe it in such an amusing way, so kudos to you!

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  2. Sarah's Attic of Treasures · September 7, 2015

    I knew very little about your illness. I hope to learn a lot more.
    I have lupus and fibromyalgia (and a few more they keep adding) and I realize how little people really know about any of it. If a person looks good then they ought to feel good is what they think.
    I look forward to reading more from you. Hugs Sarah

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    • Lady CAS · September 7, 2015

      I found that many people with autoimmune disorders are misdiagnosed initially or ignored altogether it is quite frustrating. Especially when it involves the nerves or muscles communicating and there is no true damage to the system like there is for people with M.S. I have a lupus anti-coagulant and may develop lupus eventually along with moderate anxiety and things keep developing for me to but stabilizing pretty quickly after getting it. My recent thing was anemia which I no longer have but have to watch constantly for signs of it coming back. Oh Boy, LOL. I look forward to reading your adventures as well. 😉

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      • Sarah's Attic of Treasures · September 7, 2015

        Up until lately I never shared much about the lupus etc. Who wants to hear every time they ask how you REALLY feel: “I feel like shit. ETC

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        • Lady CAS · September 7, 2015

          LOL I know the feeling! Instead I say I feel great and just blog how I feel in my own way because like you said people say ‘how are you doing?’ but they really don’t mean it it’s more of an expression or saying! They want you to just say I’m good and you and keep moving! I also try to focus on at least one good thing everyday and hold on to that even if the I was in pain or having a bad day overall because that is usually my saving grace from wanting to flip tables, LMBO

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