Russian Roulette, Life, and Charades


It seems in my haste to get better quickly I have decided to play a cocktail of games…I’m just glad they did not end up being a molotov cocktail. I almost waited until the last minute to ask for treatment (plasmapheresis) because my pride wanted to wait until 8 weeks and this was only week 5. I really wanted to reach week 8 because it meant I was progressing and and that much closer to reaching my goal of having a baby…I believe that I would have made it had it not been for this sinus/ head cold. I was fine until this happened. I then had to contact my neurologist who was very patient and overly accommodating and able to contact the nephrologist at the hospital to get scheduled for outpatient treatment today.

He then called at regular intervals throughout the day on both his office phone and cell phone to check on me to see if I was squared away and sent emails through the patient portal to ensure images (1)that if things progresses to fast that I go to the hospital. I however, was too busy and sleepy too see these. I went to my other doctor appointments and missed his calls (phone on vibrate) and then ate dinner and passed out. One time I ‘dreamed’ i ignored a phone call only to realize that I actually did and it was my neurologist. He was calling late at night making sure that I had gone to the hospital to be observed in case things got out of control before I could get treatment today.

I was to busy trying to get sleep. I was playing a dangerous game. HOWEVER, I did not feel as I had in the past when these things had progressed. He always says to listen to my body. I felt this time I had called earlier than usual…BUT I was just unsure if I would make it through the imagesweekend and they do not do outpatient treatments on the weekend. If I had made it through the weekend cold or sinus  I knew I would make it to 8 weeks but at what cost? I would have no strength and I would also be pretty weak and close to crashing. Any little thing could take me out
after this because I would so weak. Heck I’m already playing charades gesturing at things because I’m tired and swallowing is tough…SO I though my pride had to take a blow. I know that in the end I would have made it if it wasn’t for the cold and that will have to be enough. I was really strong otherwise and I am really happy knowing that. I have come a long way. Plus now I can get back to my workouts after this treatment because I couldn’t since Saturday. So in 30-48 hours I will be about normal again…Be gone kryptonite!



  1. Marta Frant · September 12, 2015

    interesting headline 🙂

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