Clark Kent Vs. Superman Phenomenon


So I go out and every time I go ANYWHERE I am overly complimented on how I look or people do not recognize me. At first I thought dang I must really look like crap most of the time. My dad always use to say you need to learn how to take a compliment (because I always struggled with low self-esteem when I was younger). However, then came the constant, OMG Chris I didn’t even recognize you. You look so different!” I started to ponder this. These are people I see almost everyday and they seriously could not recognize me in a nearly empty room in amazing lighting before anyone started drinking… I was not sure if I should be offended or HAPPY. I was like if no one recognizes me and I do something stupid later this may work to my advantage, lol.

With MG I had previously not been going out much and I just now got this part of my life back so this is pretty strange to get this reaction every single time I have gone out lately from everyone. I was like none of these people know I have this illness. SO they are not doing it to cheer me up. SO what is going on?

My friends at work, husband, and even outside friends, did not believe me this until they started going out with me and running into others with me and seeing this phenomenon for themselves. They would start to interject for me when people would say how do you know me? I would stand with my mouth WIDE OPEN in shock. download (1)When they tried to introduce themselves. I would say you come into the wellness center everyday and do _____. They would still look in shock and then my friend would say she works there. The person would look harder and then say OMG CHRIS. I would be like duh who else? There are only 3 staff there. I am the only female…

I get that I wear a uniform everyday and I usually wear my glasses at work and keep my hair up. But they also wear suits downloadand dress more formally as well. However, I recognize them. I do not wear make-up in either situation so that cannot be throwing them. SO the difference I have surmised is my clothes (which we all change daily, LOL) and my glasses. I’m calling it the Clark Kent/ Superman Phenomenon. Sadly for the first 4.5 years I worked there I never wore my glasses until I
got MG (only my contacts) so I have no idea what in the world. I made this change because wearing contacts 24/7 like I use to since I was 13 causes a huge strain. Furthermore, I do nothing at all to my hair that’s different from the workday especially when it’s in braids, or I have straightened. This truly proves psychologists points of memory being faulty in murder cases about details and if I wanted to persuade them to think something else I definitely could.



  1. Anonymous · September 12, 2015

    Superb dear!!

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