Color me plain and loving it!


So in addition to feeling better from a much needed treatment. I got out of the house yesterday and did something besides go to work and be in Chris’s world! Don’t get me wrong I enjoy doing things that keep me busy like reading, crafting, playing games and watching Fairy Tail (anime), but sometimes I have to come out of my own world and try to interact with other people. I enjoy being social. I miss being around other people. I love my husband but he doesn’t count. Yes I do want to spend special date nights with him too but there are times I just want to have time with friends, the girls, or family who are not seen everyday where I can just where sweats a t-shirt and laugh and talk. That was yesterday. I spent the day running around doing the things I said I would do 2 weeks ago just to get out of the house and make good on my promises and it made for a great day of laughs.

It was a great and relaxing time. I enjoy the times you get to dress up too but that was not needed yesterday. I just needed familiar faces, comfort food, and easy situations that I could handle. I love days like that! I guess it also helps when you love life and are a positive person though, I can hardly believe I was ever any other way. It gives me to chills to think about those dark times. The funny thing about yesterday was my younger self would have never thought a plain day would have been enough to make me happy, I would have been bored senseless and now I long for such days! Though I still crave adventure and mayhem sometimes on my vacations and trips…I have definitely learned I have had more than most in my life already, LOL!


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  1. Lynz Real Cooking · September 13, 2015

    what a lovely day! It is awesome when we can just savor those little things! So glad you had a nice relaxing time!!!

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