Filters Required…Hmmm


So I have been told several times that I should write a book. I keep saying on what? I have been told that I am funny, but I do not try to be. I Figure they mean on my struggles from early childhood to this point in my life. I guess I have lived a pretty strange, fun, and full life already to only be 30. I have enjoyed a myriad of adventures in my own backyard as well as in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Mexico. I have also managed to find friends along the way to indulge in my off-beaten path of fun. I am scuba certified and enjoy diving in the briny depths. I enjoy being flung into the air by bungee, roller coaster, and plane, and I have race in the muddiest  and painted of conditions still not sure how I got the mud/paint out of places. My next goal is to go overseas! I must do this! I have to get there! I know it is expensive to get there but once you get there, I have been told it relatively cheap to travel once there.

The only qualms I have about writing a book  is that I do not want to be filtered. I do not find that I filter myself much here now, but I definitely would not want to be filtered or stifled in a book as I feel it would mute my creative flow. My past is just that my past, but it is filled with things that are risque and include what society may say is taboo, lol. I would not be a 50 shades in my descriptions by any means (though I could be, lol) but I would definitely say that as person who us to do Passion Parties and educate people on sex, I am not afraid to be matter of fact.

More so, I also feel that it would be good to have a book out there that gives people information and education on MG and has great deal of research within it for MGers. I mean it would not be all about it but there is no telling my story without talking about it as it is now part of my life and people need to be aware. I would definitely put pictures in it as well so people knew what certain ports, machines, and procedures looked like first hand. I took many of myself in my most vulnerable state. But by God they would only be released in this book when I may have a chance of becoming famous, LOL.

I was originally wondering who would read such a book…then my nurses at the hospital all said, well obviously if we are saying it, we would and I smiled. Then I thought, well duh I blog, and they read what I write and they may, and I smiled a bit more. Then I said you know, this may actually happen at some point. I may write a book about me. I’m not sure how I want to tackle but I may do this. But I am not sure I am a write in the long run…I think if I wrote on a more professional level it would be more of a fictional level with tons of comedy sprinkled…Or I could just write about my family….They say you should write about what you know…I know about them. If I wrote a collection of stories about them, BOY oh BOY! They make me laugh! I have my co-workers in stitches!


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