Day 6 of the #loveme Challenge…a Note to Future me


A note to the future me would go something like this:

Dear Chris,

There are many things that you struggle and worry about and I know back then you always thought they would last forever, but as you can see they did not. You may be going through something right now but no matter how hard it is never lose your faith because it each time you have been delivered from your circumstances and been stronger for it. Think fondly of the memories you still have and continue to laugh often. If you have managed to lose your spark find it again in this letter. Go explore, find your art, find your adventure again. Find that love in your LOVE again if it is beginning to falter. Keep all those who are dear even closer because even at the tender age I am writing this life is not promised to everyone so we must cherish it in all we still have near. Never settle for the boring and mundane of the average because you were born to be unique, different, and weird and that what makes life enjoyable for you! Strive for nothing less than what you deserve! And if you come face to face with that famous celebrity of longing the deal you and your husband made was that you can still be with him as long as you bring the money back to the family…well make sure you honor that because that celebrity will be worth it.

Love You Eternally,



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