Goldilocks Loses His Glasses


Have you ever known someone who seems to misplace something the very moment they take it off or put it down? This may be my husband. Let me start by saying I love this man. He is a hard working ma who keeps to himself and stays in his own mind most of the time. He is glued to his phone playing games or watching videos most days, lol. I could swear the man may have nomophobia, lol. (That’s the new phobia of not being able to go without your mobile phone). The sad part is when people are constantly multi-tasking it is proven that their memory suffers. In people who already have memory issues or do not optimize their memory this is worse. I feel this is a problem for most men, LOL. Anyways, the moment he gets home, if he puts his phone, wallet, keys, or glasses down he forgets where one or all four are. I keep saying you should keep them all in the same place each night when you come home. Like keys should always go on the ‘key table’ and your wallet may need to go there too. But only my keys manage to get there 90% of the time!

However, no matter how many times I say this the man is like a nomad, he travels around the house like he is lost all night with all these things. I actually play games with him sometimes when he loses them because I clearly can see where they are and he cannot so while he is looking for them I start saying cold cold warm, warmer, hot hot, hotter aww cold! Until he finds them! images (1)Obviously though this can be frustrating though when it happens in the morning before he has to go to work. He is usually running around upset because he cannot find these items and I want to pull a NAGGING wife moment and say, “see if you had only listened to my advice” which is a moot point at that moment. But we are both frustrated, me because I am being cursed out of my sleep hours early and will not fall back to sleep and him because he cannot go to work without these items. So I get up an help him and usually find the item instantly.

The funny part is that like last night the man really travels and I instantly went right to where his glasses were because I, unlike him remembered exactly where Goldilocks went in order last night. He was in the living room with his glasses on watching a show with me. Then he walked into our master bedroom and watched a movie on his phone.  Then he came back in the living (sans glasses) and fell asleep in the chair in the living room. Then because Goldilocks has the habit of never being comfortable and being confused when he goes to the bathroom in the night he went into the guest bedroom and went to sleep. So when
he came in this morning cursing about his glasses it was only natural that when I got up and went straight to them there they would be exactly where he left them in the middle of the king size bed, LOL. I swear it’s like playing where is waldo in the morning…2_wheres_waldo_nowI have to check every bed, chair, sofa, and sometimes
floor palate to see where he fell asleep. He has blankets everywhere! I would not be surprised if I find him in the tub one day. Oh my Goldilocks! And we wonder why I have sleep issues?

I cannot be the only Woman/ Wife who deals with this!?!


  1. Nena · September 16, 2015

    OMG! My husband is the same!! LOL Constantly, asking me if I know where HE placed things. The hard part about it is that half the stuff I am really not sure where he puts it:p And I make an effort to have “a place” for everything, but doesn’t seem to click LOL

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    • Lady CAS · September 16, 2015

      Thank you for the assurance that I am not alone in this world! I feel so much better and he will too! LMBO! I just laugh because this is truly like an everyday thing and it makes me laugh all the time because we are so NIGHT and DAY! Opposites really attract!

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