Inspirational Quote…Did you think of superheros too


This sort of made me think of superheros when I saw it. But it is quite applicable to many of us who have endured some pretty tough moments in our lives. Just think of the movie Slum Dog Millionaire. Had he not gone through all that he had, he would not  know all the answers to the game show questions. Sometimes our experiences allow us to excel later in life (sometimes much later in life) in things we had no idea we would be able to apply our knowledge, skills, or relationships. WE find that due to deaths, homelessness, natural disaster, and the like we have to be creative. We are put in new environments. We forge new friendships and relationships that we may not have otherwise. We learn new skills that we may not have had we stayed in our middle class or upper class life styles. Or a person who always struggled may catch a big break and due to all the skills and street smarts and ingenuity they gain advancement in a lucrative business maybe even owning it.

These are indeed extraordinary Destinies!


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