Day 11 of the #loveme challenge…share a smile


Sharing a smile is something I feel should be contagious much like a yawn, cold, or habit (though a habit is not really contagious); you are doing it when you do not even realize you are doing it! One thing that makes me smile no matter how bad, sad, or upset I am is watching baby animals or humans discovering and interacting with their environment for the first time. It is always so amazing to watch their reactions and see how amazed and intrigued they are. To watch them smile, laugh, play, and problem solve when they see something for the first time is the most heart-warming moment for me. You get to share all their firsts and it feels great to experience the world through their eyes. It always melts my anxiety and brings takes me away from my problems!



  1. Jodie Hardy · September 22, 2015

    Aww cute. Babies are the best. I love to smile at people, especially people who look grumpy and watching their face break into a smile 😀

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