Sex and Your Inhibitions Part 1

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Let’s be honest with yourself…the whole reason you clicked on this and not just hit the like button is because you saw the word SEX. I would too. Your curiosity got the best of you. You wanted to know what I would say about it. Well here it is. Why is it taboo? Why are we not talking about it? Some countries find sex to be so taboo that they refuse to acknowledge it’s existence. They do not talk about it with their children and leave it to their school systems to discuss with ‘the talk’ and biology and such. The down side is then you get parents who are upset when the school oversteps their boundaries and says too much or does not say enough.

Moreover, you get children who are traumatized by what they learn, LOL. Old videos that are out dated with technology and equipment that today’s children would never use but due to children’s ignorance they are traumatized about what is readily available and current. I sat in a classroom that showed a video from the 80’s/90’s and since then the size and types of birth control have changed. Moreover, the video also showed some of the largest feminine products I had seen EVER, LOL. Not like the discreet ones we have now.

Then there come the actual act of sex…I was asked by my friend who is a teacher how I would change the videos to make sex look less like a porno and more like an educational video but still be images (1)something for school. I said well… Sex is natural and it is what it is! At this day and age most children have already seen some movie with sex in it. So you are the only one holding them back pretending that you are protecting them. You should handle it as if they can be mature and explain it in mature terms. It should still outline the body in the biology format similar to what you see on the left. This would remind them that this is still a learning experience. To prevent people from being confused as to what really happens. I knew people in school who were confused where certain male parts were inserted into the female sadly. I also knew people who had no idea what foreplay was and why it was important and the system of arousal. These things are important. I taught sex education for adults and you would be surprised at how many questions I got from them concerning why this was important. Men were very interested as well. I taught all women groups, all men groups, and couples. I also have a masters in psychology and I had to do a bit of counseling but that always goes with debunking myths and fixing what is going on.

I find the funniest part is when people feel embarrassed about asking questions and letting go of their inhibitions to do what THEY WANT! They have desires and feel unfulfilled sexually and have healthy desires but because society tells them that they are deviants for doing anything besides missionary they feel criminal in nature. So they come to be heads bowed like in a confessional. They confide in me about their desires and my response is usually the same; you are both consenting adults and therefore what you do in the privacy of your relationship is your business (as sometimes it is not always just between 2 people or in just their home, LOL). I know we all have our own preferences and flavors of sex and by no means am I asking you to be accepting or understanding of all types but what I am saying to you is be open to the fact that we all have desires and to shun someone for their style simply because it is not your own is not fair. Shaming someone because you do not like it, understand it, or, do it only stigmatizes people from sex which is natural, fun, intimate, and a growing experience for a relationship. Tomorrow will talk about ‘your flavors’ and the language of sex and love…


  1. tyronepierre · September 24, 2015

    Bravo! It is pretty amazing that none of us would be here without it. Yet people are more comfortable talking about violence then sex

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    • Lady CAS · September 24, 2015

      Exactly! I personally love it and could talk about it all day, LOL. My mom calls me her lil perv and I’m ok with that, strangely enough she comes to me… ME with questions about sex. It’s actually funny and cool all at the same time, then I remember who she’s asking for and I want to scream NOOOOOO! LOL I have to try to stay professional just to prevent the mental scarring there…anyone else I can handle, LOL. The amount of kink there is amazing but like you said I wouldn’t be here without it!

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  2. Heather · September 24, 2015

    This is so well written. I never understood why people have so many problems with talking about sex. We all got here from it.

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