#MyastheniaGravis and #Empire

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Well It’s here, the Fox’s new season of Empire. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a new television show that is about a urban family that made ‘OWNS’ the music business in a sense but how they got there is very dubious much like many empire are built. One of the lead characters Lucious Lyon happens to be one of the shadiest characters. At the end of season one they find that they misdiagnosed the man and find that he is not going to die from one disorder and that he in fact has a rare disorder called Myasthenia Gravis. Many of you have not heard of this. I happen to have this disorder. I was extremely excited that they made a show that has such popularity here in this country aware of the condition.

However, since establishing that this is the condition that he has I was hoping that there would be more about it. I know that there has only been one episode into the new season. But I hope that they show an actual treatment. He has money so I hope maybe they show him going to Europe and getting treatment with the Amicus-Fenwal plasma exchange machines as we only have one here in the U.S. because they are so expensive and still trying to get FDA approval for other treatments. He is rich and could show that he could do anything and so forth…(Just hypothetical instances) Or even showing a regular treatment with the regular COBE machines and COM.TEC. People need to see the realism behind this disorder. Moreover, if they hear it more than once they will continue to put it in their search engines and give to charities and foundations and understand the gravity of the illness and what it is. Many people have never heard of the disorder. Until I was diagnosed I had not either. People are easily misdiagnosed with other conditions, I was one of the ‘lucky’ one who had nearly every symptom right away and was diagnosed within 5 weeks. But in hindsight may have shown signs off and on for nearly 2 years in very subtle ways where I was treated for something with physical therapy or or self-therapy (because I am a wellness professional) and put/ went on my way.

I will say though I love the show and it still has me hooked and my husband who jumped on just at the season finale last season, I hope for just that extra bit of insight. I feel that they they started this season 3 months further into along and surely they have given him medications and so forth and we as the audience should know what those are? I would like to know his status…I am sure people who had never heard about this show are now tuning in to find out if they are going to do the disorder any justice! We can only hope!


  1. Lynz Real Cooking · September 25, 2015

    Wow that is really interesting, I agree I hope they give an accurate view of what this disease is and how it is to live with it!! Thanks for sharing I will have to see this!

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    • Lady CAS · September 25, 2015

      we can only hope. It would be cool though if they could give the rich person’s view too though showing ALL that could be offered if you have the money because I would like to see what is out there ‘legally’ of course. Since it is a t.v. show I would hope they would not try for the ‘illegal’ outstretched view if you know what I mean of how to obtain the latest drugs and what not for a cure.

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