Sex and Your Inhibitions Part 3…The Closing


Today we will talk about about sex and the application of your kink! I know this may be a scary for some of you and a very taboo still for many of you and that is fine. I’m okay if you have to tune me out. I am not going to get all 50 shades on you, I will save that for you to imagine and create for you and your partner if you so desire.

My goal today is to help you decide what is your kink and how to apply it. Some of you may say that is too personal how on cowgirl! But just listen..Your ‘kink’ is whatever makes you smitten with your lover and give you the connection that causes a spark. This is a spark that may not always be so sexual in nature but ignites the very urge that begins the act. Such as coming home and not having one lick of energy left you both have been stretch to the max, kids have been extremely trying, and when you get them to bed you don’t even want to look at each other. Just then he has gone and washed all the dishes and you have found him strangely irresistible in your vinyl dish gloves in the kitchen. This may be your kink. Him initiating domestic work without you asking, it makes him look sexy. You had no idea this turned you on. Again women usually speak in terms of desire that helps them feel comfortable and appreciated…Remember this! If they feel happy the are more approachable and at ease to offer and reciprocate!

Another example, for my men. Let’s try football season, you want the guys to come over for the big game. You know you wife doesn’t usually mind and is even known to root for a team here and there while hosting but the yard work outside has become unruly. Instead of nagging she tries to go outside and tackle it herself. You come outside a few hours before the game and she is covered in sweat, oil, and dirt from trying to start the lawn mower. You give and laugh and realize she has never looked sexier. It was endearing to see that she was willing to struggle without asking for help just to make the day special for you.

Here is my last KINK and this is a great one. The rested KINK. You want to be kinky because you just want to change it up. We all have desires. We all want to try something different sometimes and it can be hard to communicate where these desires and fantasies come from. We watch a lot of television and hear a lot of stories and think boy I wish that were me and until it is actually us we do not know if we will like it or not. So try it, role play and enjoy it. There are plenty of healthy way to buy things online and have it discreetly sent to your home for you and your lover to play with and the reviews online tell you what level they are (amateur to expert) and how to work you way up. Talk to you lover about their hard limits; what they are absolutely not willing to do. Then that means everything else is open for discussion or experimentation. Life is too short to be frustrated, muted, or live in a world of TABOOS!

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  1. Heather · September 27, 2015

    Amen 🙂

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