Eye Of The Storm Kind Of Day?


Have you ever had a day where everything around you seemed eerily chaotic and messy and you even were not 100% but felt strangely at peace suddenly? Well that’s the sort of day I am having. Don’t get me wrong I instantly Thanked God when I felt this moment of peace because feeling peace for me with my anxiety is rare. But to feel it when I know I have to prepare for THE battle of cleaning in my house, which I hate doing, and a pivotal doctor’s appointment, and having a strange sinus/head cold that I thought went away but didn’t (ish) IDK. I was just sitting there and I guess I was hearing from God that it will all work itself out. So I will trust that this is the case and pick my battles and try not to worry or stress over it.

I know the only result of doing that for me will cause increased symptoms of my MG to flare such as double vision or slurred speech or swallowing issues if I get upset enough so I will just relax and try to stay centered and focused. I will take today as A sign and slowly get everything done as I planned and if it all gets done today then I will just be uber excited and I can truly be happy.


  1. Marta Frant · September 30, 2015

    You are so right. Sometimes I have to remind myself of the simple truth that “it will all work itself out.” But quite often I forget doing so and begin to stress over small problems.

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