Day 19 of the #loveme Challenge…Something You Feel Strongly About


My husband and anyone I am around will tell you I feel very strongly about those who harm or take advantage of those who cannot fend for themselves such as children, the elderly, the mentally ill, animals and so on. It not only shows that person’s weakness and inhumanity but it shows the mental illness within them as well. There is usually a deeper issue within them that is unresolved. It is still not right though!!! It burns me up to no avail and makes me angry and I cannot tolerate it. This ranges from abuse/ neglect to stealing from them to everything in between. It has happened to me; however, I believe that even if it never did I would still be this way. I believe many of us feel this way in society. It drives me to be an advocate and it was part of the reason for my blogging and in past years for working in group homes to help the mentally ill and give them a voice.

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