Day 25 of the #loveme Challenge… What makes me Laugh?


So I probably laugh most of the day. instead of frown lines I probably have laugh lines. If I do I am not ashamed of them. The things that usually make me laugh the most are watching old cartoons from my childhood or playing games with my friends…We love having game nights. We had one last night in fact and it was hours of hilarity! The group always decides on which game to play, we have many games. Uno, monopoly, skip-bo, phase 10, cards against humanity, spades, taboo, and countless others. Last night was cards against humanity, Lol.



  1. Heather · October 4, 2015

    I had to look up cards against humanity. Sounds hilarious!

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    • Lady CAS · October 4, 2015

      It is! But um yea if you have super sensitive, conservative, or foreign friends you may want to take out some of the cards directly related to “THEM” You will instantly know which ones those are, LOL. 0_o

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      • Heather · October 4, 2015

        Even better. All of my friends are nuts and vulgar. Wonderful people lol

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