The Ideal Neighborhood

This is pretty cool and I’m not sure I could ever afford to live in my ideal neighborhood though with the starving artists and mentally disturbed it may drive down the value a bit, LOL. Here is my list

Vincent Van Gogh- You must have a bit of color in your neighborhood and that twinge of insanity adds COLOUR too. LOL

Sigmund Freud- You need a great psychologist/ psychiatrist to balance it though he is a bit obsessed with sex which is not all bad in my world. We do need to procreate at some point.

Angelina Jolie- A modern humanitarian with an edge. She has made mistakes so we feel a connection as opposed to those like Mother Theresa and Gandhi who you feel are almost untouchable in ability but respected. Plus she can kick but if she so desires, LOL.

Albert Einstein- I too choose Einstein for the same reasons but also because he has a bad boy edge and likes to go against he grain, lol.

Galileo Galilei- We all need a great philosopher who has many gifts. He is well versed in mathematics and astrology.

Martin Luther King, Jr.- A peace keeper that would still continue to endure struggles even now to stay humble in these trying times due to people still struggling with race and poverty. This is what would keep him relevant and the desire/ passion to push forward.

Daedalus- Though found in Greek mythology he was at one point a very real man who was a skilled inventor. Though myths and legends were build upon him if he were in this day and age in my neighborhood with tools the man could build many amazing machines. Every neighborhood needs the original McGyver!

Ellen Degeneres- Every neighborhood needs a great sense of humor and someone who loves to dance.


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