Fairies, Mazes, Music, & Zombies

You are probably like man that title reads like an amazing movie or book…well actually it’s a mashup of the t.v. shows, books, and lack of sleep I have been experiencing. You guessed it, the zombie part would be ME. I strolled off a cold and into utter darkness that is my usual insomnia. However, the problem that plagues me most is that my poor husband tries to understand but still does not. He tries by sleeping in other rooms because he knows he is a LOUD and DANGEROUS (yes dangerous) sleeper. The man fights and yells in his sleep. He also manages to elbow and kick me often. I’m like did I marry a friggin ninja? Then he poses like he mannequin in a store…I find him crazy positions no one can hold EVEN him and slowlyhis body breaks the position piece by piece over the course of minutes to hours until body parts fall (ie legs literally hangin in mid air…ye you read that right). He even crosses his leg over the knee and slowly his bottom leg (from the weight) scoots across the bed for like 20 minutes trying to fall BUT he fights it re-positioning it and this goes on FOREVER.

Again, I’m a light sleeper so I see and hear it all. When we first moved in together I use to bear it…but yea then I learned just knock that leg over and he re-positions to a more normal position and rolls over, LMBO.

images (1)

Then I have been trying to find more relaxing things to do since finishing school a few months back; however, I have struggled lately to stay completely relaxed. When it is time to sleep I start dreaming heavily about my day in a stressful way. At first I tried mystery and detective books and those are great in moderation, But they gave me crazy dreams too. SO I started filling it with watching anime, reading Young Adult books like the maze series by James Dashner and all the Rick Riordan books because they are fantasy and I love Greek mythology and fantasy (plus I got a bucket list to complete I’m already 5 books into my 50 books). I also started watching some of my television series again like Empire and Alaska the Last Frontier and they have helped me to feel more relaxed.

But without that much needed sleep I am still feeling drained. I am feeling a bit symptomatic and I know it simply means more fluids and a good day off would help. I know I cannot always be concerned when others are taking their day off but everyone in my staff has been taking off due to their take it or lose it time. We have to take our PTO by our anniversary dates and 4 of our staff came on board in October. So this is just a bad time to need a day off.

The funny part is each time I have a day off that is not dedicated to a medical reason I find myself wanting to rest but then still wanting to go do something with the day because I do not take off often. So for instance I have next Friday off mainly due to the fact that next Friday our facility is closed for maintenance upgrades and I know I should rest but the fair is in town and that only happens once a year. Its a special time event for me since meeting my husband since that’s how I initiated our relationship and told him I was interested in him. SO I tend to want to go each year because it symbolizes when we first started “US”. Then the next day we have a football game that I have tickets too and so on.

So today I will try to go home and get a good nap when I get off when my hubby is not home. Then I will try to sleep well tonight. Then I will try to sleep in tomorrow before our zoo trip, LOL. Then Sunday I may just have to say No food truck rodeo and sleep in and relax all day because my body needs it 😦 I don’t want to but I would rather not end up in the hospital. I got to make the hard decisions sometimes. I know my husband will make sure I get a similar taste that I wanted from a local restaurant to quell my craving. That’s why I love him.



  1. Lynz Real Cooking · October 9, 2015

    Please take care of yourself and rest! I know that is a hard thing to do! Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lady CAS · October 9, 2015

      You are right! I feel like I miss so much with MG. I will try harder though! {HUGZ}

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lynz Real Cooking · October 9, 2015

        just take care of you! I can’t imagine must be so hard but still slow down and get sleep and what you need to be well!

        Liked by 1 person

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