Hands in the Air…Feet on the Gas


I was rocking to a song by India Arie today called Slow Down and was glad to this weekend for none of my plans went as planned (though admittedly I am not running from my past like she sates in her song). Though I wanted them too It finally forced me to slow down and relax a bit and get myself somewhere near under control mentally and physically. I was a starting to take myself to the limit without realizing it and not just with my MG but with everything. I was starting to get cranky and irritable and though this can be side effects of my medicine…I have never had these side effects so I know this was just me starting to push myself to far. Chaos most definitely is not good for your health. I have to get it together and keep it together and stop doing that.

This weekend I was supposed to go to the zoo, that didn’t pan to due to the rain. Then my hubby did not feel like our back up plan be “slingshot through the air” was this weekend was especially exciting as he was so tired and it was raining.Then plans to go to the food truck rodeo on Sunday were shot down when I forgot to move my car Sunday and got blocked in by an event at my house until 4pm. So I watched movies and read a book all day Saturday (finishing it). Then Sunday I started and finished a whole book updating my bucket list yet again. It was awesome. I feel more rested for sure.

I just have to get through this week and I have a 3 day weekend and plenty of fun. I have the fair at some point, A college football game, and more rest. LOL. All while enjoying some friends from out of town. I can hardly wait!


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