Errands, Rams, and Blisters

SO to say that I had a long day today would be an understatement. It started long before I would have liked with several wakeful urges to open my eyes though I was still very sleepy. Then I realized my husband was still lying there and asked why he was still there though he was supposed to be going to work and he jumped up and got dressed in like 5 minutes and ran out the door.

I laid back down only to realized that I had to go to the bathroom. Then I came back to bed bed and tried to sleep again. I dozed off for what seemed like 2 minutes and an hour later my alarm went off to remind me to take my meds. Then I saw a text from my mom asking me what when I could take her to run some errands. I said today or tomorrow as long as I was home today by 4ish. So we decided today would work.

We went to several stores but it made me more tired than I had thought it would. I think this was because I was not quite awake yet. After going through the stores for a about an hour or so and not finding what she needed, I decided to try my luck at some things I was thinking about for a while. I went to Spencer’s to find some games for my next game night. I have to say I just up’ed the ante for those coming over. We play plenty of crazy games that are intended to either get to know everyone better, drunk (if they want), or both and I just bought 2 new awesome ones.

After that my mom and I came home and watched The Chase on the Game Show network and played that together. It was fun. Then she left and I had to get ready to go to the UNC v. Wake Forest Football game. I have been excited to go for a while I was going to meet some friends there and I love UNC. I love their basketball more but UNC all the same. However, once we got there I should have known something was up when thing started going a bit strange. First parking was a bit off and we ended up a mile (literally) away from the stadium. Then the gate we came in was all the way on the other side of from our seats but whatever we were third row from the field and could talk to the players coming on the field and everything.



There is a difference between excited, drunk, funny, dumb, and OBNOXIOUS!

I went to ECU heck I know. LOL!

We scream BULLSH*T at the ref when they make a bad call even on televised ESPN games, LOL. Yet here we were!


One guy was so drunk that he literally got so excited that (or so he says) that he put his hand on my head and shook it HARD from like I had on a durn helmet. Then after 10 minutes and several hard stares because I was about to punch him in the face and was about to come over my seat since no one did anything he says, “sorry I just get so excited sometimes” and the liquor on his breathe almost knocked me out! He definitely was not 21 and I am sure he was a student. He screamed the WHOLE game which; that i can deal with, but then he started slurring and making obscene comments and gestures and asking me to tell my friend that she has Big butt and saying he just wanted to grab it. Mind you there are kids all around. We have no idea who he is. I switched seats at this point because I told my husband I’m going to go to jail in about 2 seconds if I do not get away from this BOY because again I know he is not 21 and now I’m not sure if he can even be considered 18 and he keeps saying how he has airplane bottles in his pockets. He later then pulls my husband’s hat twice. And still later rubs his whole butt on me while trying to leave but before I could grab him he had already walked by.

Then there was another fan who managed to indirectly bother us, lol. He was more funny than anything but still bothered my friends. He was so drunk (and also had airplane bottles with him spiking his beer) that he got in a yelling match with a guy like 6 people away cursing but the other guy was barely saying anything back and made him look like a jerk. He was like dude it’s not that serious calm down…and because he was so drunk he was cursing and screaming and balled his fists up and was standing and saying how you guys don’t know what he’s putting me through and everyone’s like you are right but you you are the one looking dumb right now!

A man with kids behind him was like there are kids…my kids and you need to calm down and watch your mouth. He sat down. Then his girlfriends starting crying saying she was embarrassed, lol. He tried to console her. Eventually she stopped crying but wanted to go to the car. I thought it was over UNTIL…he was so sloppy drunk he spilled his whole 24oz drink on the side of BOTH their legs (her dress) and then down the back of the bleachers seat my friends were sitting on which luckily didn’t get their bottoms wet just the leg of the pants and the bottoms of purses. But boy were those things drenched. His poor girlfriend start bawling then. Mainly because she was embarrassed again and because he was so drunk that he almost didn’t notice until the cup was empty, LOL.

Then the walk back gave me blisters…SO

Yea…THAT was my day! Needless to say it may be a while before I go back to a UNC game even though they won!

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  1. The Happy Healthy Kiwi · October 18, 2015

    Games nights are awesome. We play a shocking game called Cards Against Humanity, a game that takes the piss out of humanity in general. Very easy to get offended in this game but also a bucket of laughs. What games do you play?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lady CAS · October 18, 2015

      Yes one of my favorites games to play as well, we have all the expansion packs to it as well. I also just bought what the f*ck and and drinking roulette, lol. I know I am bad lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Happy Healthy Kiwi · October 18, 2015

        Yay I’m not the only one who loves that game ☺

        Liked by 1 person

    • Lady CAS · October 18, 2015

      There is also taboo, uno, adult charades, skip bo, phase 10 and so on.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Happy Healthy Kiwi · October 18, 2015

        Giant jenga! We got that and wrote dares and drinking rules on the blocks, makes it super fun ☺

        Liked by 1 person

        • Lady CAS · October 18, 2015

          Yes we have that one too! My husband was a wreck on that game! LOL


        • Lady CAS · October 18, 2015

          They actually have one that is already made like that though

          Liked by 1 person

          • The Happy Healthy Kiwi · October 18, 2015

            Oh wow I didn’t know that. Ours are customized to our group tho lol

            Liked by 1 person

            • Lady CAS · October 18, 2015

              They have it at spencer’s and online but we may buy some and customize it as well, LOL that sounds like loads of fun too! We added some cards to cards against humanity because for some added customization too, LOL

              Liked by 1 person

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