1. mrsmendymac · October 20, 2015

    I thought it was pretty neat!! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Heather · October 20, 2015

    I’m saving this 🙂

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  3. mvitrano · October 21, 2015

    They are all great, but the two that I relate to most are 1 & 9…especially 9….I have detailed conversations in my head with people I know all the time….just a tad crazy I guess…LoL 🙂

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    • Lady CAS · October 21, 2015

      LOL I do it all the time and people catch me often but I’m the best and easiest person to talk to so oh well! My excuse is that I have been taught to commit things to memory that you have say them aloud at least 10 times and that will give you and hour of memory at least. But sometimes it’s just that I enjoy muttering to burn off steam and that’s when people catch me lol.


      • mvitrano · October 21, 2015

        haha…fortunately mine take place mostly in my head…although a word or two occasionally slips out, and if someone is nearby, they do look at me strangely. Oh well, at least I’m not walking around muttering to myself yet…haha

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        • Lady CAS · October 21, 2015

          BWAHAHA, well I’m about the same as you but of course the one or two words that slip always come out in the most quiet places and it sounds like a bomb exploded and so when they seemingly come from nowhere to hear my odd muttered words it sounds like a mad woman, LMBO. I want to shrink into non-existence.

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