Some laughable Moments!

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I have run into this many times when I use to go to church often and guys were trying to decide if this was what I really wanted of them! SO they would say things like this to me and I would simply say to them I was spiritual too but um what does that mean to you? Because I knew what it meant to me but guys thought it was an easy out for them to say and had no idea what it really meant. An easy way to try to get closer to me without revealing anything about themselves and possibly trying to get in my pants. So they were not expecting my question! LOL!

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My next moment comes from my mom recently going through my sister’s phone, LOL. She was suppose to be looking at pictures of my sister’s best friend’s daughter in a play…That was my sister’s biggest mistake. She knows my mom is nosy. My mom kept swiping and was like um who is this? Is this her boyfriend? Does she finally have a boyfriend? And was getting herself all excited and happy. My sister instantly shut that down and was like you just lost all privileges, LMBO. I was crying laughing! I love my family!


And my final moment comes from all the stupid passwords I have to have between work and home. They require to change passwords every 60-90 days like clockwork for maximum security yet to keep them all straight you need special apps and spreadsheets and then those need passwords too. So then in the end you manage to get locked out of all of them if you are not careful, LOL. SO I feel like I should make them all the same and just rotate between the same 4-6 and change the year each year that way I don’t forget. It sounds bad but dang it when you change it that often the point is protection from bad people not yourself, LOL.

Moments like these reduce my anxiety and give me reprieve from my stressed to the max live and I love them! If I didn’t laugh as much as I do I would be in a dark corner somewhere trembling! I love my life though and God and my family and friends afford me some pretty awesome moments in life!



  1. simplygailg · October 20, 2015

    Great read. Passwords are a bane in my existence too. My work password is about to expire in 5 days. Sigh…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lozzie Chai · October 21, 2015

    I enjoyed reading this because I was able to have a bit of a giggle, nice to read something happy and upbeat 🙂 x
    ❤ Loz

    Liked by 1 person

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