The Little Big Trip!

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Hehehe the title just makes me laugh! Yes I’m a dork and I’m okay with that! So I am excited because my husband and I have not been on a good trip in quite some time. We will be going on a good 5 day 4 night trip up north to visit family and friends. The main goal was centered around my little brother whom I only get to see every few years. He is incarcerated. This is quite hard for me to say because people look at you sometimes as if it is a disease you can catch when you say someone close to you in in prison and for a long period of time. They always want to know why, how , and so on. If you do not tell the and they find out for themselves they draw their own conclusions. However, I never care much either way because unless you speak to him yourself and you are God you do not know enough to make such a call to Judge that man.

He is doing his time and he is my brother. I love him and I always will. I get excited to see him and It’s been about 4 years since the last time I saw him. He is the only one that knows my life leading up middle school. And outside one year in middle school and a few months here or there due to trips and special camps we attended independent of each other we were always together until I went to college.

I always feel bad that more of his family does not get up there to see him more often or even try but hey to each their own. They have their reasons and I will not beg them or ask them. They will not mar my trip with their neutral or negative feelings.

I love planning and organizing so not only are we going there since we can only visit on Tuesday and Thursdays but we will also visit some people my husband have not seen since he was very young. Some family members he has not seen since he was a teen or younger. We will go and enjoy them. I have never been to Pennsylvania so this will be fun and I get to cross it off my bucket list (a state I have never been to). I also think we may try to go to a play or something in NY while we are near the area but we will see. It depends on how I feel. I don’t want to overdo it. I want to make sure there are plenty of things to do but also plenty of time for us to feel relaxed and enjoy each other! That is always important for both of us! We have learned that on our little trips lately. I guess that’s all a part of getting older! I don’t care I love it! Sitting on porches of cabins in the mountains sipping hot cocoa in rocking chairs. Or finding hidden treats that I saw on on the travel channel or heard about from a local that makes some place really romantic and secret.

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I can hardly wait!



  1. The Happy Healthy Kiwi · October 20, 2015

    It doesn’t matter if your brother is in prison or for what for. He is your brother, you grew up together, no doubt had a secret language or handshake, no doubt fought like hell but had each others backs at the first sign of trouble from outside sources. He is the first friend you ever had and nothing can change that. I hope you have a wonderful time ☺

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    • Lady CAS · October 21, 2015

      Thank you so much and you are so right! I wish others thought as you do! They forget all this because all they see in the current situation and the ‘bad seed’ he must be to end up in there! I appreciate your kind words! Thank you! I will have a wonderful time, I refuse not too! 🙂

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