Dubbing and Lipsync Hilarity!


Please tell me I am not the only one who does this!?! Do you eve watch a muted t.v. whether you are at a store or your favorite restaurant/bar with your friends or spouse and give your own interpretation of what is happening of the characters on the screen?

I find that this can be a great way to not only relieve stress and have fun with your friends but a great way to get inside the minds of your friends too. Listen to what they are really saying sometimes. Now granted when it’s me and my girlfriends and we have been drinking the conversation may get a bit crazy ranging from cartoons to real life, LOL. We definitely have watched faces on the screen and been like I definitely know he just said, ‘girl can I get your number, you are the finest thing I have seen since watching Appollonia came out of that river in Purple Rain” Then some woman on screen turns around we say she says, ‘man what’s up with those tired lines’ and he says I’m for real (begging with those eyes) and he tries to kiss him and she turns her head saying something, (we say) ‘he got a complicated order’ and bust out laughing…’your lies are not forgiven and you need to step’ and he’s crushed and walks on looking back longing for her. We fall out giggling. We have no idea what we were watching but it’s hilarious.

I’m telling you if you do this with friends who are having a bad day it lifts them up but they may also bare a bit of their soul to you. They may tell you without telling you what’s going on in their life through their interpretation of what’s going on. So be warned if things take a weird turn. You may have to be prepared to either take it back to light-hearted fun or be a shoulder to cry on if they suddenly break down or become upset.

All in all dubbing songs can be just as fun we make up all our words to popular songs. I swear there are time you are driving and someone does something that ticks you off and instead of cursing and yelling I sing. I start singing the my own version of usually whatever song is on. So If the song is Every Praise (gospel), I Luh God, or even non gospel songs like Super Chris, Yellow and so on I change the words to pertain to what is going on at that time. For instance the person driving like a maniac in front of me I may say to to the melody, “please get out my way you genius before I lose my mind and lose my grace” and so on. I say little things like this.

It usually makes me laugh and this calms me even more! These things are quite funny and make me happy. My husband does it too, well when he isn’t rapping about stuff that I have no idea what he’s talking about. LOL!

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