MG and Thyroid Update


So today I went to the doctor to get my thyroid tested. Last year at this time my thyroid was borderline overactive at 0.0306 or something like that. However, this year with everything I named with my super dry skin for over a year, hair issues, and severe weight gain they are checking this to see if the opposite is now true. He has also put me on a fluid pill though because I have a strange but slight edema which has just presented itself though my diet has not changed nor have my meds. So I pray that now I do not have a drastic weight loss as my body tends to do things immediately when I least expect it, LOL. Most women and people would be excited about these things, but when you have an illness or you buy clothes this is not always the case. This happened before my wedding too. I told them I would drop a lot of weight and they did not believe me and would NOT order the dress in the size I asked…I dropped 6 dress sizes before my wedding. 1 size happened the week before the wedding while the dress was in alterations when I wasn’t even working out. I was mortified. Luckily I had a corset dress and could tie it a bit tighter but I was not amused at the fact that it was tight in one area that made it look like I had strange back fat spilling over the top just to hold the durn dress up because it kept trying to fall off me during my wedding. Most people did not notice but I did! I think only after a few hours did this actually occur but I still was the one who noticed and did not want pictures of it.

Regardless, I have hope for the weight loss (which I know will come) but I a praying that I do not have to buy all new clothes AGAIN! That gets old really quick! I am not use to the yo yo weight loss thing. I am use to maintaining my weight well and have for about 2 years so I am fairly ticked right now! UGH! Even the dr. was stumped. He was like, ‘ you came in here 3 years ago almost 260 lbs and last years you were 224 and now you are almost 242″ (which when I weighed 2 weeks ago it was 246 by the other dr. office) and when I saw I you in July you were 231. I was like Yep! I was like the only reason I gained weight it because I was hospitalized and 3 times and then intubation which physically SCARRED me leaving me with tracheal stenosis (which I later had surgery to fix) causing me the inability to workout for 7 months and I still maintained did well with my weight only gain 7 lbs in 18.  So with that said I will add that now that I can workout why am I not losing weight…So yea the concern is real.

He is also checking my kidney function which is valid even though I know it has been checked several times in the last year thanks to my kidney stones but I will not stop him because any perspective is good when it comes to that since no one still knows why I had so many and back to back. Having to have surgery for those bad boys was not fun!

Moreover, he is also checking my electrolyte levels! He wants to be sure that everything is balanced. For me a creature of habit when it comes to some things (SOME) this is quite puzzling. So we must get to the bottom of things! I will keep you guys posted. The results should be in on Monday or Tuesday!


  1. Amanda Bella · October 23, 2015

    Best of luck with everything! XO

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  2. Heather · October 25, 2015

    Warm thoughts 🙂

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