Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? It Happened Again!


As usual i made one small change and twice this week and it was like I morphed into an entirely new person. I went from Clark Kent to Superman once again. I swear people I only do one thing at a time and only need to because people get so confused at my job that they swear I am not the same person or get really nervous. I came to work with my hair curly having to having it cut short for now 3 weeks. So it appeared a bit shorter and people thought I was a totally NEW person all week. Just because it was curly. I mean I guess they forget hair can go from curly to straight and back. So then When I went to the salon to get it done on Thursday and came in on Friday they were shocked again. I mean all week when I would turn around they would say things like I wasn’t sure if that was you.

Um well who else would be in my uniform, in my office, doing my job? There are only 3 staff here!?! What the WHAT!!!

Then today I decided to wear a burgundy lipstick. I never wear makeup just because it just seems so complicated and when I do it’s only ever lip gloss or lipstick and once again the world STOPPED! Everyone was like WHOA! What did you do? You look so nice and what kind of makeup do you wear or dang I almost did not recognize you I am not use to seeing you so glammed up. CALM DOWN PEOPLE…It’s only lip stick. I just wanted to paint my lips a bit. The lip gloss/lipstick thing has been happening to me since I was a teen. It has always been quite annoying. I’m like really. Obviously a little makeup goes a long way (a lesson in itself for many women, lol) but seriously to think I suddenly have on foundation, eye shadow, mascara, and so, really? I almost feel like I should carry around a picture from my prom or my wedding so they can really see what a fully glammed up ME looks like with full make-up since those are the ONLY 2 times it has happened and I believe the only times I there will ever be, lol. ย I just think I look great without it. No shade, just the truth!


  1. Andrea · October 24, 2015

    Well, darling, sometimes I think that people carry out the body without the brain… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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