Down the Wabbit Hole!


You ever had an idea, thought, daydream, or dream that somehow progressed so far that when you got to a certain point you were like…HOW IN THE WORLD DID I GET HERE? I mean really, how in the heavens did I get from point A to point B in that thought process because and why do I seem so hell bent on getting to point B now that I am so far into it now. Why do I need to know this new information so bad? Why do I care so much about something that I did not know existed 10 seconds ago? I am sure it has to do with my level of clarity and cognition at the time but sometimes it’s fun to fall down the rabbit hole and let your mind wander and warp into this new place of crazy and deranged images that form fantasy. For me it creates some crazy blogs, new poems, new art/ paintings, and even pure joy! I find happiness in places I never thought was possible sometimes.

Think about it, some of my posts read more like short stories. I’m okay with that. I know not everything I say seems sane…again okay with that. I told you I operate on #teamweird. LOL! But sometimes I go so far down the rabbit hole it changes to the wabbit hole and gets seriously warped and I just start rolling with it. This morning after 3 days in a row of getting up at 4am and a going to bed late after parties due my dad’s retirement which I enjoyed I have been feeling quite out of it. I am not sane right now to say the least.

I heard jingling this morning in my facility…the obvious though should have been that a client had keys on them that were jingling…NOPE that where my mind went AT ALL! First I looked around paranoid trying to figure out what the sound was as if it was the most foreign sound I had ever heard like a bomb exploding…It truly was not that loud barely noticeable (but my sleep deprivation made it sound like it was in a glass jar! Then apparently my mind decided to get a get grip on itself but not like a normal person OH NO! It got used to what I thought was creepy or had unnerving! Instead I started hearing a random jingle that I cannot even say was a rhythm because I was not even listening to that hard (it might have actually been a rhythm because she was on a bike– but I couldn’t even be bothered to pay attention regularly) My insanity started boppin my head and thinking…ya jingling baby and singing LL Cool J in my head…Then Christmas music filled my head suddenly…and then I went blank…like I was on the fritz. I realized it was because the jingling had stopped and when it started it again I had physically saw the source and it ruined my imaginative thoughts because it was in fact keys around someone’s neck.

Moreover, I started thinking to myself…as everyone always tells me I need to write a book…What would I write about. I always said I would write an autobiography then I said who would want to read that, LOL. Then I said, I got it I would write about my family, though that would be funny, I think I would write a fiction book that is loosely based on my experiences and in my life and my wabbit hole adventures. I cannot see it another other way. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Heather · October 30, 2015

    All names and places have been changed to protect the innocent, hahaha

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